Immigrant running against AOC: ‘We need to start talking about issues’ important to district

A businesswoman and immigrant from Jamaica hoping to unseat freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday that she wants her New York City neighbors to have a representative in Congress who speaks to the issues of her district.

“I’d like to represent the constituents in Queens and the Bronx,” Scherie Murray said.

“We see AOC, from the time she’s been elected, she’s put out policies like the job-killing Green New Deal,” she added. “She then went on to kill the Amazon deal in New York, which would’ve put some 25,000 jobs in Queens.”

New York’s 14th Congressional district — which includes the eastern Bronx and the northern part of Queens — has local issues that need the attention of a federal representative, Murray claimed.

“Our subway is crumbling. Our roads are in need of repair,” she said. “We need to really tackle our education system.”

Murray added that she thought Ocasio-Cortez’s comments likening border detention facilities to concentration camps were “disgusting.”

“I think the narrative on the national level needs to be dialed back, and that’s why I’m in the race.”

In a phone interview earlier Wednesday, Murray, 38, confirmed her intention to run for the New York congressional seat as a Republican.

“There is a crisis in Queens, and it’s called AOC,” Murray told Fox News.

Murray, who was born in Jamaica and moved to the United States when she was 9, is officially launching her campaign Wednesday with an introductory video that takes sharp jabs at the 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez.

She joins four other Republicans who have filed to run for the seat: former police officer John Cummings, medical journalist Ruth Papazian, construction contractor Miguel Hernandez and entrepreneur Antoine Tucker.

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