There is a crisis at our southern border and no one is stepping up to solve the problem. We need to secure our border by investing in technology and people to help mitigate the flow of illegal border crossings and drugs entering our country. But unfortunately, our southern border is not the only source of the problem. For decades, we have seen people take advantage of our asylum loopholes. It is time to focus on solving the problem, not grandstanding to be in the limelight. Congress needs to work together on comprehensive immigration reform, so those who want to partake in the American Dream can do so.


Every day our infrastructure becomes even more outdated. Just this summer in NYC we have had multiple blackouts, dozens of train delays due to outdated equipment, and potholes on our roads that seem to grow larger every day. For far too long we have seen a mayor, governor, and Congress that could not care less about our crumbling infrastructure, while people are afraid they will be fired for being late to work because of the traffic and subway delays we deal with as a result of this negligence. But infrastructure investments do not stop here, we need to improve our cybersecurity and technology to prevent foreign actors from taking control of our automated systems. As your representative, I will work tirelessly to pass sweeping infrastructure legislation to fix our crumbling transportation methods and secure our technology grids from outside attacks.


As an immigrant to this great nation, I can assure you education is the key to financial stability and success, but that does not mean you need a higher education degree. As the cost of college skyrockets, now more than ever we need to invest in trade and technical skills schools in New York. We need to give people choices for their education, not force them into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. That is also why I am advocating for charter schools, better afterschool programs, and an Education Policy-Parent Contract that requires parents to volunteer at their child’s school two days out of the entire school year. Being present in your child’s education is just as important as making sure your child gets to school on time. Parents need to be more proactive in their school communities to ensure our children are getting the best education they can.


Our economy is booming, businesses are coming back to America, unemployment rates are at an all-time low, and our stock market has hit record highs thanks to deregulation and pro-growth free market policies. There are more jobs than people to fill them. We need to do everything we can to make sure we continue on this path. Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any economic system in history, and as your representative, I will never vote or support any measure that will raise your taxes or increase government regulation. You can spend your money better than the government can, or will.

Health Care

Ever since the inception of Obamacare, we have seen members of our government advocate for more control of our healthcare and say it will be better quality and cheaper. We all know this is not true. All across the world, we see government-run healthcare cost citizens more in taxes every year, while they wait in month-long lines at hospitals and doctors’ offices for care. I will never support any form of government healthcare takeover. The less government in your life, the better off you will be.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights for a reason. New York City has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, and we still feel the scourge of gun violence in communities like mine. We need to focus on the real issue tied to gun violence: mental health. For far too long, mental health has had a stigma, and often times people are too afraid to seek help when they need it. That is why I want to provide better resources for communities in order to inform people where they can get help and assist people in recognizing the signs that someone may be suffering from mental illness. I have already worked with programs to do this in my community and will continue to do so as your representative.

Law and Order

We are a nation of laws. I support our law enforcement 100%. We consistently see demonizing language from our members of Congress directed at our law enforcement community and have even seen instances where our officers are attacked and ridiculed for doing their job. Law enforcement officers are some of the bravest among us and dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities. We need to focus on building bridges between our law enforcement communities and those they represent. The rhetoric we have seen on the national level is doing everything but that.